Scientific research

The Centre has been active for some time in studies related to the reproduction of rare  species in a controlled environment. Following successful results obtained, the director of the centre has been invited to conferences and workshops both in Italy and abroad. 

This new phase will be characterised by a substantial, quality-quantitative increase in this area with the implementation of specific research, to be carried out with the academic world, focusing on eco-ethological study of species that are particularly rare or are less well-known. 

Connected to this, there will be the opportunity for deserving university students - with priority given to in loco residents – to  carry out the research for their degree theses at the Centre. 

In order to achieve this, the Centre is already being equipped with the necessary apparatus: the first is an infrared, closed-circuit camera system, allowing ethological observations of the species while avoiding the risk that the direct presence of the observer might modify behaviour.