Conservation of a species is closely linked to protecting the environment. Carrying out projects aimed at teaching and informing plays a vital part in promoting and establishing a new environmental balance.

With exactly this in mind, the Monticello Centre aims to structure its own future activities, focussing on two closely linked themes: an increase in activities in the field of science and conservation; carrying out teaching activities to inform and sensitize the public regarding various environmental issues. 

These projects will strengthen and promote the collaboration and partnerships already existing between agencies and institutes, right from the local situation where the Centre is to be found: the Comune di Monticello Brianza, the Parco della Valletta and the local Associations operating in this sector are all of prime importance.

These activities will have positive results not just for the centre but will also bring about a favourable development for the whole local area.

Didactic activities
Following what is now a well-established collaboration with the Museo Civico/Civic Museum of Lentate sul Seveso, a series of initiatives have been developed with schools in mind, which the Monticello Centre intends to offer at the Centre itself or, on request, at the schools.
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